Mumbai'sstreets in Spain

    Our history

    Surya’s diversity, just like India’s, expands all the way from Delhi’s Pani Puri to Mumbai’s Vada Pau. Street food is an important component of India’s history, bringing peeoople together and always exploring new sensations. This is exactly what Surya offers you: a friendly place where you will find incredible sensations. The gastronomic, visual and sensory spectacle of India’s streets feeds each one’s soul. This is the magic that we want to bring to your table, supported by the freshest flavors in a welcoming enviroment.

    Lovefor ARTISAN

    The Tandoor oven has a special relevance within Surya’s kitchen. The naan bread, India’s most famous, is daily baked here at Surya ensuring a homemade, artisan flavor. This ancestral art if perfectly dominated by our chefs. In fact, their expertise has allowed us to create a whole new section in our menu for the ‘rolls’, a folded pizza-like delight with thousands of possibilities.

    In India, the sauces and spices are never missed on the table. Therefore, to ensure an authentic full-experience, all our sauces (tamarind, yoghurt, green, hot) are homemade, just like our curries!

    We also prepare our own Paneer cheese and desserts like Kulfi ice-cream or our own Halwa-semolina pie.


    SURYA, which means “king of the Sun” in Hindu, is also king of Indian food. Our chefs have travelled all around India to bring to you the absolute best of Hindu cuisine. The first bite will instantly take your mind around Mumbai’s colorful streets, lively music and exotic flavors.

    In our menu you will find the very best street-food from the cities of India. Take a look!