Surya: exquisite indian food

    Conceived as a life-style, SURYA restaurants are the place to be if you are looking for fine and authentic indian food. We have gathered the freshest delights of Indian street food from all over Mumbai and created a colorful, mouth-watering combination for you. These sensational flavors are wrapped in a friendly, welcoming enviroment to make sure you enjoy an impeccable experience. ¡Come and share with your loved ones this revolution of the senses!


    Bringing Mumbai to Spain

    SURYA, which means “king of the Sun” in Hindu, is also king of Indian food. Our chefs have travelled all around India to bring to you the absolute best of Hindu cuisine. The first bite will instantly take your mind around Mumbai’s colorful streets and exotic flavors.

    In our menu you will find the very best street-food from the cities of India. Take a look!






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